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THE TIMER - 6 Feed Times. Works on 6 or 12 volt. 5 yr warranty.

HCR Digital Timer - Has 4 feed times. Adjustable feed duration. Simplest on market to set. Comes in 6 or 12 volt.
WTGF Photo Timer - This timer operated off the main 12 volt battery on a 5 amp circuit.  It is as maintenance free as they get.  Just set feed time for once or twice daily.  Nothing else to do.
WTGF Clock Timer - This timer is a 12 volt clock which operates off the main battery.  It has the capability of 144 settings in a 24 hour period.  May be set to go at 20 minute intervals.  This timer has an outside test button and a variable feed rate.  Works on a 6 volt or 12 volt battery.
SWEENEY Timer - LJT 200 6 or 12 volts, 8 feed settings
SWEENEY Timer - DFT  REV8 Timer 6 or 12 volt, 24 feed settings.
MONARCH Timer - Digital timer 6 or 12 volt.  Has feed settings.
TEXAS HUNTER TIMER - Operates 6 or 12 volts.
SOLAR PANELS - Solar panels are complete with brackets and ready to install.   One year warranty.  6 volt or 12 volt.


WTGF HCR Digital Timer - Large 12 volt motor.
WTGF HCR Digital Timer - 6 volt.
On Time Life Timer 10 AA Battery.
On Time Elite Solar Digital with Solar Panel & Battery - uses 9 volt battery.  1 year warranty.
On Time Elite - new digital, 6 feed times.
SpinCast MRK 1 - has 6 volt rechargeable battery and solar panel included.
Texas Hunter - EZ-612, digital timer, 9 settings, operates 6 or 12 volts
Hog Light - HCR with solar panel - on at dark, off at daylight


Sweeney RC1000 - 12 VOLT ONLY.
THE REMOTE - Works 6 or 12 volt. Super Range, Easy Install, a Must Have.




Photo-cell Timer
Digital Timers
Clock Timer
Flash Clocks
Quartex Clocks separate, use AA battery
Quartex Clocks separate, use c-cell battery
Digital Clocks
Solar Panel-6 or 12 Volt
Motors- 6 or 12 Volt
Motor Bracket only
One pair nuts & bolts for Motor Bracket
Motor w/slinger, bracket, etc.
Slinger only (various sizes)
Galvanized Lid (4 sizes)
Leg Brackets (set of three) HCR
Leg Brackets (set of three) WTGF
Feeder Bolt Kit
Legs 1 1/4" X 8' (set of three)
Hanging Bracket 17, 30, or 55 gal.
Batteries, 12 volt, 6 volt, numerous styles & sizes
Battery testers
1 AMP Battery charger 12 volt or 6 volt
6-12 Volt Charger
Door assembly w/hinge
Shooters Sand Bags
Hanging Scales 300# Both digital and spring available.
Deer Aging Kit
Jaw Extractor
T-Hanger - Gambrel
We have test buttons, micro switches, potentiometers, and other electronics.


Windows - Custom and Replacement blind windows. Variety of styles and sizes. 

Fire Pits - 24", 30", 36", 48"

Tripod Winch System for hanging feeders.  13' 6' tall 8 to 1 gear ratio.
Leg ladder - For WTGF and HCR
Leg ladder with platform for WTGF and HCR
Leg anchors
Stakes for anchors
Gambrel (Deer Hanger)
Dinner Gong
Barrels  (Will cut and drill)
Varmit Guard, includes brackets (several sizes)
Bracket for Varmit Guard - Fits our feeders
Cargo Carriers (3 styles) Heavy Duty
Receiver Hitch Winch
Receiver Hitches 2"

Looking for something specific? ..or don't know where to start? 

Either way we can help!

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