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In Stock - Fabricated by WTGF

The Original Ground Hugger™ - Designed + manufactured here at WTGF, this hog-proof, varmint-proof, easy-to-fill feeder is guaranteed to impress!


Never have to climb again to fill your feeder. This feeder sets on the ground.
The Ground Hugger™ holds 400# of corn, comes complete with THE TIMER and 12 volt battery, with solar panel installed. Timer comes with a 5 year warranty. Lifetime warranty on the feeder itself - Just bring it in and we will repair anything on it, for only the cost of parts. Seriously, from bullet holes to water damage, no judgement here!

Feeder feet have holes that allow the feeder to be staked to the ground.

Hog Ring add-ons are available for an additional charge, in the event extra reinforcement is needed. The Hog Rings fasten around the barrel, mid-way down on the feeder, and provide a way to secure the feeder to T-posts.



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